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We tasted wine and sampled the world cuisine in town’s Wine and Food Festival under the grey skies.We fed the geese and swans in the lake, fluttered away with bumble bees and butter flies, sunk our feet in the wet green lawn and dirtied our cloths when digging the mud and making sand castles.Mostly the in the main chat room before sending an online private message (PM) to him/her.If you like a boy or a girl then simply say hi or hello and as soon as he/she cross the limit do not wait to say bye!!! Join our Arab chat room and English chat room as well. To the all the boys, please be nice to all the girls.Hi Hello Bye is also known as HHB among youngsters.I have been liberal with the use of spices these days keeping the recipe simple but adding much complex flavours.

The whole world seems to be in a hurry, trying to catch few more days of sun and little warmth.

The bees are buzzing with more energy, sucking the nectars from last few blooms of summer.

The birds are flying high in the sky, in groups, singing the songs of season of bounty!

The colours feel more vibrant against the stark greys of the sky and dark grey of cobblestoned path.

As the days become shorter and nights longer, we are up and eager to welcome the sun who paints the sky from orange to scarlet red.

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